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The British flag This site contains all kind of information about hardware and software related to the older Commodore computers like the KIM, PET, CBM, VIC-20, C64 and C128. In 2011 I started to take interest in Commodore PCs and IBM PC-XT (compatibles) as well.
The information is only available in English.

The Dutch flag Deze site verstrekt U allerlei informatie over zowel hard- als software van de diverse Commodore computers: KIM, PET, CBM, VIC-20, C64, C128 en anderen. In 2011 ben ik mij ook gaan intresseren voor de Commodore PC's en IBM PC-XT (compatibles).
Deze site is voor de rest alleen in het Engels.

Last update: April 22nd 2016

Latest activities:
- As you can see, I updated the look of my site. Again. After some days I decided I didn't like the my first creation at all so I decided to return to my old site. But including some nice features I liked about the new one.
- Working on a project called MultiKernal that replaces the ROMs inside a C64 with one big FlashRAM. Including the tools to add your own Kernals, character sets and altered BASIC. Selecting them is done by built-in hard- and software.

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