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C64IDE-2: another IDE-hard disk drive for your C64/128

What is it

Add an IDE-hard disk drive to your C64 or 128 without additional ICs. This project was meant as a kind of joke: just to proof it was possible at all!

The IDE-bus has 16 data lines and 7 control lines. I already found out that you can bit-bang the bus. During a conversation I joked about the fact that the two ports used for the keyboard could handle the data and the userport could serve the control lines. And here is the result.

The big advantage of the above proposal is that there is much less soldering to do then when building a real IDE-interface. But you need an additional power supply for the HD itself.
The disadvantage is that it will be completely incompatible to any existing system. So any software circumventing the Kernal for loading/saving data won't see the hard disk drive at all.
What ever other disadvantages you can think of, don't forget the two big advantages:
* the huge amount of data you can store on the hard disk drive (and maybe CD-ROM)
* the higher speed with which you can load/save data comparing to an original 1541


I have built it and it works. That is, I proved that I can turn the motor of the hard disk drive on and off again. Doesn't sound great but it proofs in a simple way that the interface works.


No software. The program I used to start or stop the motor was written in Basic and contained only a few peeks and pokes.

The future..


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